How To Stop A French Bulldog From Snoring?

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For many of us, French Bulldog snoring is one of the funniest sounds our dogs make. While we don't always think of it in this way, it can actually tell us a lot about their breathing and any potential health problems.

If your French bulldog snores, don't push him off the couch or encourage him to sleep somewhere else. You have to know why he snores and what the solution is. What you can do is choose a proper dog bed with a pillow that will prevent any airway or breathing restrictions.

French Bulldog Snoring - Possible Reasons

French bulldogs have been noted to have a higher than normal probability of suffering from breathing issues as a result of their brachycephalic skull. The short nose and lack of soft palate can cause the spooky sound of wheezing, while a smaller nasal cavity restricts the amount of air a dog inhales.

french bulldog snoring

If your Frenchie seems to suffer from nasal congestion and makes noises even when you take him for a relaxing stroll, you need to schedule a visit with the vet right away. The vet might recommend surgery to clear the nasal passages and improve his ability to breathe.

French Bulldog Snoring - How to Reduce?

While we can't prevent Frenchie from snoring and wheezing in the manner of full-blown night breathing condition such as our issue in the process, there are some routines that we could carry out to help them breathe better at bedtime.

Choose a Perfect French Bulldog Bed

It is very important that your French Bulldog has a comfortable and good bed, so we will recommend our choice, it really proved to be high quality and safe for your Frenchie. Also, we guarantee that your dog will be more comfortable and snore less.

Round dog beds - Our Choice

round dog beds

Escape late meals

If your Frenchie has been having evening meals, it is best to change that routine because just like in humans, their diaphragm may rise due to overeating. The ideal time to feed your pet is two hours before sleeping.

Check if your Frenchie suffers from allergies

To easily understand your French Bulldog's snoring problem, you have to see if it suffers any environmental allergies. Reactions to dust, mites, pollen, mould, and/or allergen levels can cause abnormal breathing, allergic coughing, sneezing and even gagging. The above-mentioned can create a French Bulldog's snoring and related issues.

Keep your French bulldog’s weight

French Bulldog owners love the mere cuteness of the dog, but often complain about the dog being too fat and then snoring loudly. If your French Bulldog is overweight, you may want to consider a low-calorie diet and taking him out for daily walks.

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