French Bulldog Collars - Do You Really Need One?


Have you decided what type of collar your French bulldog will be wearing? It’s essential to know that not every collar will suit your Frenchie. The good news is that we’ve decided to provide you with a buying guide in order to help you choose the best one that suits your dog.

Do French Bulldogs Need Collars?

Adult dogs who have been trained to walk on a leash are easier to lead than the puppies. However, you’ll have to adjust the training because of the dog’s weight and strength. If your Frenchie has a habit of jumping, barking or running away, then you should use a collar as it provides more control.

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The right comfort and fit are crucial when choosing a collar. French Bulldog Collars come in various shapes and sizes, while wearing a collar that is too loose or tight can cause chafing.

Therefore, our answer is definitely YES

The Pros and Cons of using French Bulldog Collars

There are many kinds of collars that you can buy for your dog. They can be made of different materials, and they can come in a wide variety of colors to match your pet’s wardrobe. Some even have different accessories like whistle charms or bells. When you need a collar for your Frenchie, there are several choices available at Frenchie Complex.


  • Contrary to the French Bulldog Harnesses, you don’t have to take your Frenchie Collar off at home.
  • We understand that some dogs do not like to wear belts and feel uncomfortable. We therefore recommend the French Bulldog Collars.
  • Please note that a Frenchie collar will be a good choice if you are training your dog. 


  • Not a good pick for those who like to yank the lead. Leashes put pressure on your dog's necks and can cause permanent neck and spine injuries.
  • It's a fact: Dogs are more likely to slip out of their collars and escape.

Our selection of French Bulldog Collars

LED Dog Collar

french bulldog collars

Reflective Dog Collar

french bulldog collars


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