Best Veggies For French Bulldogs - You Need To Know


Fresh fruits and vegetables are an essential part of a healthy diet, but we often wonder if our French Bulldogs need them. Since our doggies are omnivores, which means that they eat meat, veggies, and grains, we should add fresh or cooked veggies to their diet for many health benefits. For example, fruits and vegetables are rich in fibers, minerals, vitamins, and represent a cheaper option of commercial snacks for your pooch.

Prepare Veggies For Your French Bulldog

The best way to incorporate veggies is to serve them as a snack. You can also add veggies to your foods if you’re in the mood for something different. Try this;

  • Simmered in a pot of boiling water until fully tender; then drained of excess water.
  • Cutting into cubes and simmering in broth until cooked through before feeding.
  • Pureed on their own or mixed with other ingredients like oatmeal, egg whites and blueberries, banana puree is a delicious way to start the day.

Although dogs love eating vegetables, sometimes it can be hard to make them every night. So, if you puree carrots or other vegetables into a delicious meal or snack for your pet, you should put the mixture in an ice cube tray and store them in the freezer. Then you will always have fresh meals for your dog even when life gets busy!

You should also keep in mind that feeding your Frenchie with too much fiber can cause stomach aches and other related problems. Therefore, be careful about giving him too much fiber at once. Moderation and balance are the keys to everything.

Safest and Healthiest Vegetables to Feed Your French bulldog

Can French Bulldogs eat cabbage?

You can feed your Frenchie cabbage, as it contains many health benefits. Red cabbage is also a safe choice for owners looking to boost their pet’s copper levels. Cabbage is a super food for dogs. It contains antioxidants that improve both dog and human health, plus they are easy to digest! There’s also one thing to keep in mind when giving your dog cabbage. This veggie can cause excessive gasses and eating large amounts can lead to diarrhea.

can french bulldogs eat cabbage

Can French bulldogs eat celery?

Celery is a great treat for your Frenchie. It contains Vitamin A, B and C which help improve vision and freshen breath. Chewing on celery sticks helps remove tartar from their teeth so it’s an excellent solution if your dog has bad breath.

Can French bulldogs eat carrots?

Carrots have great benefits for dogs such as enhancing the dog’s oral health, increasing their immunity and protecting their eyes from the sun. To keep your pet healthy you should give them cooked carrots every other day and raw carrots every few days. Always chop the carrots into smaller chunks prior to feeding them to your pet so that they can chew them more easily.

can french bulldogs eat carrots

Can French bulldogs eat potatoes?

Potatoes are a popular ingredient in many dog foods as it provides healthy energy to the dogs. You can also feed them potatoes along with meat as most dogs love meat. Keep checking whether you’re giving them cooked well as raw potatoes contain solanine, a toxic ingredient which can make your dog ill.

Can French bulldogs eat peppers?

Bell peppers have more vitamin C than oranges! This makes them a great low-calorie snack for dogs. Make sure to check if they are not too spicy before feeding them too your pooch!

Can French bulldogs eat green beans?

Everyone’s favorite, sweet green beans are a deliciously healthy snack for your friendly dog! Their natural sweetness will help make your dog feel full without having to overload on fat. Thanks to their high levels of nutrients, your dog will be barking with loads of energy too! Oh yes, this is true.

can french bulldogs eat green beans

Can French bulldogs eat cucumber?

With cucumber being a common ingredient in many recipes, it’s also one of the most versatile produce items out there. It can be served fresh, pickled, fermented, or preserved in different ways. Because of its low calorie content, cucumbers are great for cleaning your dog’s teeth and greasing their coat!

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