Blue or Lilac French Bulldog-Which one is better?


We all know that French Bulldogs are famous for being small yet bold and protective dogs of great personalities. Despite being small in size, they are actually quite courageous and they can be very protective. In other words, it does not mean that you can expect from a French bulldog to protect your back. These loving dogs are known for their affection for the owners, so much that they conquer the world!

lilac french bulldog

Up till now, people were able to meet rare coat colors in French bulldogs. However, there are two of them that always attracted people’s attention. Blue and Lilac French bulldog puppies seem to be very interesting because they are so charming.


Most novice buyers are unable to tell the difference between blue and lilac Frenchies. Often, these two colors tend to blend together. This is because apart from their color- they have a lot of similarities. The price you pay for these dogs depends on their individual uniqueness. The more unique it is- the higher its price.

When looking for a Frenchie puppy, you can't expect to pay a small amount of money and get a healthy dog. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. When dealing with unfamiliar breeders or pet stores, there is always a high risk of getting a puppy that has been bred regardless of standard health and temperament. These puppies are often related or have parents who both have major health or temperament problems and the puppies pass these problems on to the next generation.

blue french bulldogs

It’s not a secret that buying a dog is not an easy task, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. When you have to make such a major decision, there are lots of things to consider, and that’s why we’re here to help. We always try to explore every aspect of new dog breeds so we could accurately present their advantages and disadvantages. 


Although blue French bulldogs have become famous only in the past decade, they date back much further to start of the 1900s. They have always been a rare breed and quickly became popular among dog enthusiasts.

blue french bulldogs

The blue French Bulldog is one of the rarest dog coat colors in the history of dogs. Before the existence of the blue French Bulldog, it was quite hard to imagine a French Bulldog with a bluish grey color.

In their earlier days they used to appear in a rare small number. Their original color blue comes from a very rare black gene.


Although lilac Frenchie’s may look similar to blue Frenchie puppies, they are actually diluted with the brown gene. This allows them to have a combination of both chocolate and blue DNA from both parents.

The Lilac French Bulldog has a unique and unusual coat. The dogs will have a somewhat brown hair, but the coat color shows up in their fur making it look purple. Due to their desirable qualities, Lilac French bulldogs are in high demand. 

lilac french bulldogs

There are basically two ways to produce lilac Frenchies;

  • Snugly mated dogs who are both brown-coated carriers
  • Mating dogs where is one brown and another blue carrier

When it comes to the color of your Frenchie, you have to keep in mind one thing - his color will change. In fact, some even have a little black hair on their head when they are born. As your puppy gets older and older, you will begin to notice how the pigmentation process works. Some puppies will grow into gray hair, while others will turn blue. The level of pigmentation also depends on which parent they inherit it from. For example, if a Frenchie has dark fur as an adult, it means that one of their parents had dark fur and that their genes are dominant over light.

You’ve probably noticed that the puppies are gray. This is caused by their immature fur. As they age, the hair starts to get darker. The first pair of hairs develop light-blue glints among the lilac and the bluish ones follow. Usually, this happens at the third month in age.

How will you determine what color is your newborn French bulldog puppy? Let’s see.  If your dog has a light-colored nose with a light-colored coat AND a dark eye, then congratulations! Your pup is probably part lilac.  But if the eye and coat are both dark, but the nose is light, then you’re likely to have a blue Frenchie baby.

There are a lot of French bulldogs that have lilac and blue hair. This doesn’t only make these dogs special, but their eyes as well— their eyes are often blue or crystal blue, but in most cases, they never learn to change the color of their eyes. On the other side, there are French bulldogs who have grey or dark blue eyes. These dogs can change the color of their eyes upon aging.


Despite being a rather rare breed, French bulldog puppies are becoming increasingly popular. There are people who think they are ideal, while there are people who think they are too unhealthy a race. However, our opinion is that they are an ideal and very healthy breed.

Finding a healthy Frenchie can be a tough task. Finding a healthy blue or Lilac French bulldog can be even tougher. The health of your French Bulldog is entirely dependent on the choice you make while searching for a breeder and after you receive him. So make sure you choose wisely and put a lot of thought into which breeder is right for you and your family.

The more you know about the parent dogs, the better able you’ll be to determine if their babies are right for you. Blue and Lilac French Bulldogs are completely the same as other Frenchies in all other aspects.


  • I bought a lilac Frenchie back in July and he’s absolutely amazing. The breeder is awesome, Charlie’s Frenchies in NewYork. I found them on AKC website .

    M Holliday
  • Cindy

    About 2,000 to 6,000$.

    Frenchie Complex
  • How much do they cost


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