About French Bulldogs With Blue Eyes


While you may be surprised to learn that such a thing exists, French bulldogs with blue eyes do exist. They represent a fascinating gene pool. AKC allows many colors. The French also come in rare colors such as blue, lilac and Isabella. 

However, the main topic is their eyes, it is really amazing how specific this breed is, especially when it comes to eye color. So let's find out more about the famous blue eyes of French bulldogs.

French Bulldogs With Blue Eyes


As we said, a specific and interesting breed, with incredibly beautiful colors. Lately, we could notice there is growing popularity of buying rare colored French bulldogs. Besides, they have unique colors of fur, they also have blue eyes. Let’s find out why French Bulldogs have blue eyes.

Blue eyes French bulldogs are rare, but not impossible to find due to the genes that are present in them. The presence of S-locus and M-locus gene gives rise to a wide variety of eye colors in blue French bulldogs. 

French Bulldogs With Blue Eyes


In most cases, it will not, unfortunately, although everyone would like it. However, an exception may occur. The exceptions to the rule are blue Frenchies which can keep the blue and green eye tones into adulthood. 

As they go through a gradual growth process over the next few weeks, you may see different shades in your puppy's eyes; shades of blue, green-gray to brown, which is their standard eye color.
But don't be upset because it is natural and common at this tender age of 10 weeks. The standard brown eye color will soon materialize, without you having to worry about it at all. 
French Bulldogs With Blue Eyes


French bulldogs with blue eyes have a greater tendency to suffer from allergies, skin problems are also possible. It is not uncommon for them to have light pink skin around their eyes and mouth. Our advice is to protect them with some sunscreen. 
Corneal dystrophy can also be one of the problems, which can be hereditary. Therefore, the French Bulldog would have vision problems, you will notice a change in color to a dull blue look.
Nuclear sclerosis, occurs mostly in dogs over 5 years of age. It may not be painful for your dog, but it can lead to a change in his vision. Our advice is to contact a veterinarian immediately.
Also the French Bulldog may have problems with Heterochromia. There are two types of heterochromia- congenital and acquired. 
As we have already said, our advice is to contact your veterinarian immediately, so that your dog can get the right treatment and get rid of some of the problems if possible, because usually, veterinarians do not want to "touch" if it is not painful for the dog, which is the case in most cases.

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