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French Bulldogs are famous for their playful nature, and they can get along well with other dogs. Besides being a great pet choice if you have kids, a Frenchie is also suitable for living in apartments. They don’t need too much space to thrive and entertain their owners.

A Lilac French bulldog is a rare version of the French bulldog, one of the designer breeds. Nonetheless, the popularity of this dog has been increasing because it is an absolutely adorable friend for everyone who is looking for such a companion.

If you are looking for the perfect dog breed to fit in your family, then it should be a Lilac French Bulldog. There are many reasons why this dog is a great choice.

Lilac French Bulldog


Lilac French bulldogs have a very friendly and sociable temperament. They make very good pets for families looking for a companion, someone to play with the kids, and to just generally keep them company during their free time. If you’re looking for an active family pet, this is the dog for you!

Lilac French Bulldog has a noticeable lilac shade of hair. We can say that it is a pale grayish-brown coat. It is quite difficult to produce a Lilac French puppy because it is a product of more recessive hair color. Lilac French bulldog will have the genotype bbdd (homozygous for liver, homozygous for dilution).

At birth, the Lila French bulldog hair can look like a blue Frenchie coat. As it grows and matures, the hair gets a lighter color and a visible lilac shade. The eyes of the Lilac French Bulldog are usually blue or light gray. Their noses are usually pink or grayish.

Lilac French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is a muscular breed and Lilacs are no different. These playful pups will weigh approximately 16 to 24 lbs, and stand at approximately 12 inches. Lilacs will have large erect ears, which is one of the stand-out features that set them apart from ordinary Frenchies which have floppy ears. Lilacs also have a bow legged gait that makes them even more adorable.

It is not recommended to buy this breed for little money, of course, this applies to all breeds and dogs, but Lilac French bulldogs are special, so pay attention to which kennels you buy. In order to produce a Lilac French bulldog, it is necessary for both parents to carry chocolate and blue genes.

There’re two ways for producing lilac Frenchies:

  • Mating dogs who are both brown carriers
  • Mating dogs where is one brown and another blue carrier

It is amazing how much the popularity of Lilac French Bulldogs has jumped. While some consider them ideal dogs, others think they are a rather unhealthy breed. However, we do not agree with the second statement, so be careful which breeder you buy from.

Also, you need to research his breeding history and the integrity of the breeders. If you follow our advice, you will avoid the health problems that this species can have. Scientists have proven that this species is safe and with minimal health problems and is totally the same in all aspects as other species of the French Bulldog.

Lilac French Bulldog


You will get the best tips for the complete care of your French Bulldog. Although many people think that it is easy to keep a French bulldog healthy, that is not true, we will go through some of the most basic things.

1. Since French Bulldogs, in general, are prone to suffering from different allergies, we advise you to feed your Frenchie with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids rich food.

2. Avoid giving your dog foods rich in corn, as corn can cause skin allergies.

3. It would be advisable to give your dog a massage with coconut oil, because that way his skin will be shiny and smooth.

4. Avoid fatty fish meat, it has been proven that healthy food can have a positive effect on the dog's condition, when we say that, we mean the mental state, which is extremely important, right?

5. Our ideal meal (advice): Make a mixture of rice, chicken and carrots. Your dog will want to eat this every day.

In the end, it's all about what you as a dog owner think is best for your dog. However, we believe that the money invested in your dog can only have positive benefits. Your dog must have the best food, the best preparations, just like people, they require a lot of time and money, for the sake of better health and mental state.

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