How Much Do French Bulldogs Sleep?

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As a pet owner, you should know that French bulldogs are not outside dogs and they are indoor dogs. If you want them to be part of your family, you should know how to be a responsible dog owner. As one of the most popular and affectionate dogs, Frenchies best suit a home environment where they can snuggle in a bed together with their owners.


I get asked all the time about how much your Frenchie sleeps. It all depends on their personality and how much exercise they are getting. Many Frenchies need less than 9 hours of sleep a day. However, too much exercise and excitement can interrupt this circadian rhythm and French bulldogs often need more rest to recover from the effort.

french bulldog sleep

French bulldog puppies sleep a lot in the first eight weeks of their lives. Just like human babies, the immaturity of their biological and neurological systems makes it necessary for the Frenchie to sleep more frequently during its first months. This is crucial for building an adequate defense against illness and proper growth.

Adult French bulldogs are mostly relaxed and enjoy lounging a lot. On average, they sleep 8-10 hours a night. The rest of the time they take a nap or play.


The French Bulldog is a very friendly, sociable dog that craves the affection and attention. These are nice dogs, but sometimes they can have trouble sleeping at night due to their small stature, although most adult French sleep quite well! If you move to a new home, be sure to allow him to sleep in your room so that he can easily adapt to the new environment.

Your dog may decide to nap during the day, but that doesn’t mean he won’t need a proper night’s rest. Take some time to bond with your pet at home in the afternoon or even evening to help him get his energy out before sleep. This can help him sleep better at night.

Make your French Bulldog comfortable

If your little friend happens to be an adult dog, the best choice is a dog bed filled with memory foam. The mattress has dual foam density to provide maximum comfort and support.


French bulldogs, although they require moderate exercise, are actually very lazy sleepers, so unemployment is their first choice. But if you notice that your French Bulldog sleeps longer than usual, go to the vet right away and check everything.

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