Can French Bulldogs Eat Eggs?


While you may have heard that eggs are good for a dog’s coat, you may be wondering if French Bulldogs can eat eggs. Even though eggs are not safe for all dogs, they offer many benefits to the body of your Frenchie. Stay tuned to our blog post and find out more.


Eggs have many nutritional benefits for your dog, including a good amount of protein and vitamin D. Free-range eggs are the best choice for the health of your Frenchie! Eggs are safe for your Frenchie only if you buy them at trusted stores and markets. Organic eggs that come from free-range farm hens are the best choice.

You should be careful when introducing eggs to your dog. If you are curious to feed your dog with eggs, start by introducing just a small amount and wait a few days before increasing it.


Don’t let your Frenchie eat too many eggs. Prepare one of our great egg substitute recipes instead, like scrambled tofu. Eggs are healthy sources of protein, but they can also be high in calories, so you don’t want your little dog to eat too much. Raw eggs contain about 70 calories and they're a little hard for dogs to digest.

A healthy diet for your dog is all about being smart and not restricting what they eat. Eating too many eggs on a regular basis can lead to obesity, so while you can include them in your pooch’s meal, that doesn’t mean you should do it every day.

can french bulldogs eat eggs

Learn to identify all of the symptoms French bulldogs can display

  • Diarrhea
  • Bumps on the skin
  • Red skin on the belly
  • Excessive gasses
  • Skin itchiness

It is advised to start your puppy off with one egg per week. If there are no signs of any digestive issues, you can continue increasing the frequency. 


Eggshell can help puppies grow stronger bones. It also decreases muscle pain and increases joint flexibility. Calcium is essential for bone formation in puppies and eggshells contain calcium. However, they can be dangerous if consumed improperly. Eggshells can cause bleeding in the mouth and stomach if swallowed. It is better to use a safer method of providing the needed nutrients to a puppy.

How To Care For Your French Bulldog's Coat Shiny? 

The secret to making your French Bulldog's hair shiny and healthy is to smear it with beaten egg yolks 2 hours before bathing. Be careful with the amount, do not overdo it.

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