Can French Bulldogs Swim?


Though you can easily find photos and videos of French Bulldogs swimming on the internet, it doesn’t mean that all dogs of the breed enjoy the experience. In fact, most dog breeds will have trouble when attempting to swim. Well, that is because most dogs are top heavy and have a flat snout which makes it hard for them to stay above the water and keep their nose above it so they can breath.

Slim and younger ones, can swim for a while, but the general rule is: Never Let your French Bulldog around water without a life vest and unattended! Seriously! even with life vests, they have trouble.

can french bulldog swim

Do not take your French Bulldogs for a long strolling near the water – they love it far too much and might just decide to splash around more than you want. You might think that your dog can swim, but if he attempts to “walk” more than just a few steps, he will sink right away. So do not let their temptation become your loss!

If you have a French Bulldog who loves water and wants to cool off from time to time during the hot summer days, get him a children pool.

I hope this post was helpful and brought some things to your attention that were new to you. Now, go have fun with your dog, don’t forget sunscreen, and let us know how it goes! :)

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