5 Necessary Accessories for your French Bulldog



You can’t take your French bulldog out in public without getting at least a few stares. It’s not that he doesn’t look absolutely adorable, but because many people are surprised you have this dog breed as a pet! Today, we will show you some fun stuff you could include in your Frenchie’s Accessories.

A Frenchie can be made even nicer by having the right accessories. These products not only add beauty to your life, but they also add comfort and safety too.


When your dog needs to lesson, you shouldn't miss to use a life jacket. In general, French bulldog isn't a great swimmer, just just like other petite dogs, they tend to sink if their body doesn't have enough buoyancy.

Our Frenchie Complex® Shark Life Swimming Vest will not only ensure the safety of your beloved dog but also allow it to swim freely without feeling any discomfort. Moreover, it is necessary to keep your dog safe.

Frenchie Complex Shark Life Swimming Vest


Another item that every dog owner needs to have is a dog raincoat. With the Frenchie Complex Raincoat, you provide yourself with a state of mind knowing that your dog will always stay dry.

This Dog Raincoat is a lightweight, waterproof and a breathable pet raincoat sized to fit most dogs from large to small. Since it is waterproof, most of your dog's important body parts will be well protected from the rain.

Shark Camouflage Raincoat


From now on, you will not have to leave your pooch home alone. It's perfect for emergency situations when you have to finish a few errands or you need to travel a long distance.

This dog backpack is made of breathable mesh that provides your French Bulldog with adequate ventilation and keeps him cool on the trail. Adjustable straps help you to balance weight, make it more comfortable wear.

This great product is suitable for hiking, long walks, camping, shopping, and other outside activities.

French Bulldog Carrier Backpack


Pododermatitis is a skin disease in which you batpigs feet are inflamed. This is most usually caused by your not taking good care of your cat/dog’s paw pads. If not treated in time, it may cause serious health problems.

This creme is rich in grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, peppermint oil, and lemon citronella oil. The mix of these ingredients is great for keeping your dog's paws hydrated and for preventing of becoming cracked and irritated.

"Fresh Paws" Creme by Frenchie Complex


There are many ways for you to maintain the nails of your dog in good condition. Regular trimming of your dog's nails presents one of the most important rules when owning a dog.

This electric trimmer completes everything, in a simpler way.

Dog Electric Pedicure

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