What to Expect After Your French Bulldog Is Neutered?


If you are reading this post, you have probably at least considered sterilizing your French Bulldog. Castration is an important step for both you and your furry gremlin and can leave many benefits to your dog's health. It’s a simple procedure that can minimize or prevent your male French bulldog from prostate problems, cancer, and other urinary tract issues.

The 7 Best Reasons To Neuter Your French Bulldog
  • Neutered Frenchies live longer, healthier lives.
  • By neutering your pooch, he will be less likely to roam and wander.
  • It prevents prostate cancer.
  • Your dog will become calm and more affectionate.
  • Your dog will be less likely to mark the territory.
  • Prevention of unwanted pregnancy.
  • Your Frenchie will smell better. He won’t have that well-known strong doggy odor.

    What to Expect After Your French Bulldog Is Neutered


    Castration of a young and healthy dog ​​is a routine procedure. Most veterinarians do this, and the operation is quite simple. The risks are there, but they are small.he most common complications include requisite general anesthesia which can cause breathing difficulties or other problems during surgery. Other possible problems may be related to bleeding, such as infections where blood loss is greater. As well as postoperative pain.


    Dogs need to recover from anesthesia and surgery for about one weeks, so you need to take care of them for at least a few days. Anesthesia and surgery can be difficult for some dogs because some will vomit, feel tired and lose their appetite. But these symptoms usually disappear after 2 days to 1 week.

    Frenchie owners around the world, do you want to help your dog better go through recovery? We highly recommend you the following:

    • Ask your vet what will be the best medicine to decrease post-surgery pains in your furry gremlin.
    • If your Frenchie is an energetic and active pup, try to keep him calm for at least 2 weeks. Your vet might prescribe you sedatives to help keep him calm.
    • Even though most skin sutures are absorbable, don’t forget to regularly check the incision spot. Skin sutures usually need 10-14 days to completely absorb.
    • Daily inspect the incision line for redness, swelling, and discharge.
    • Put your Frenchie the Elizabethan cone around his neck to protect the incision spot. Your dog will try to lick it which may cause an infection.

    What to Expect After Your French Bulldog Is Neutered


    When we talk about your dog’s activity, this period can be very tricky. All domesticated dogs have a natural instinct to roam and mate with other female dogs. However, after neutering, your French bulldog will be calmer and less likely to roam and wander. He won't have the intense drive to seek females and will have a desire to stay closer home. Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised if your furry friend wants to sleep in your lap or spend a whole day by your side.

    Usually, the incision place will be free of both redness and discharge, but sometimes bacteria can get in. If you notice any redness or discharge coming from the incision place, it’s recommended to schedule a vet visit as soon as possible. The incision e should stay dry, so during the recovery period, it’s recommended to pick up any left urine with toilet paper every time your Frenchie goes to release the bladder.

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