French Bulldog Blue - You need to know


The French Bulldog is a dog breed that comes in many colors. However, there is one magnificent color that seems to be the most popular. The Blue French Bulldog-the is beautiful and stunning!

How Popular Are Blue French Bulldogs?

You will be surprised that the most common explanation why this particular dog is so popular, really, is because this dog perfectly suits the urban lifestyle of today's man. 

His bluish color of the skin, as well as the blue color of the eyes, does not leave any fan of this breed indifferent. That's why we can safely say that the Blue French Bulldog is the most popular of this breed.

What makes Blue French Bulldogs Blue?

It was shown that there is a mutation in the MLPH gene which causes white hairs to be made blue. Let's be more clear, the blue appearance of hummingbirds is due to a mutation in a gene called "melanophilin".

blue frenchie

How much is a Blue French Bulldog puppy?

Generally speaking, it is very difficult to breed Blue French Bulldogs, even more because the breeders need to search for completely healthy parents that carry dilute genes.

Frenchies have a small litter of puppy. They usually produce 1-2 puppies, so this is another reason they are expensive. The price of Blue French bulldog puppies usually ranges between $3,000 to $10,000.

Blue Frenchies are rare!

You won't see a Blue Frenchie every day. You need to know, it's one of the rarest colors and one of the most sought-after French Bulldog Colors!

Blue Frenchies Are Purebred?

Yes, but not all Blue Frenchies will be purebred. It's possible for a Blue Frenchie to be purebred, but not all of them are.

How To Register A Blue French Bulldog

Unfortunately, it is not possible to register a Blue French Bulldog. The American Kennel Club has specific standards that must be met for dogs to enter their registry.

Blue is a rare shade of French Bulldog and it does not yet exist in the AKC breed standards for French Bulldogs.

The most popular colors for French Bulldogs are: chocolate; fawn; white; brindle; fawn/white and fawn-brindle. And they meet AKC standards.

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