Does My French Bulldog Require Surgery for His Nose?


You just can't help but adore French Bulldogs because of their adorable characteristics. Their scrunchy little face, along with their large brilliant eyes and bat-like ears, are what make them so attractive. On the other hand, nose surgery might be necessary if your Frenchie has recently begun to wheeze and pant for air, leaving them weary most of the time. However, let's first clarify what this nose surgery procedure entails.

French Bulldog Nose: What Is It? A procedure in medicine?

Dogs with brachycephalic syndrome include French Bulldogs. This indicates that they have an extremely small nose due to their small heads and smushed faces. It is implied that this breed of dog typically breathes with a snort because they have been selectively bred throughout time to have a shorter head and a compressed upper jaw, which results in noticeably smaller nostrils, throats, and airways. British Bulldogs, Boxers, and Pugs are among other dog breeds of similar kind.

The narrow, frequently slit-like nostrils known as stenotic nares are present in all brachycephalic dogs. Because they don't get enough oxygen in their bodies, dogs with stenotic nares have trouble breathing. This elucidates the reason behind your Frenchie's frequent mouth breathing and occasional extreme panting. This feels exactly like when you have a cold and stuffy nose.

The good news is that stenotic nerve lesions can be treated with a specialised type of surgery that makes the condition nonfatal. This is typically advised in cases of stenotic nares that are moderate or many.

Please be aware that this is not the kind of procedure you can choose to do whenever you feel like it. When it's safest for your French Bulldog to undergo the surgery is when you have to do it. It is ideal to have your French Bulldog have this surgery if it is indicated for them before they turn one year old. Preferably, when your French Bulldog is getting neutered or spayed, they should be examined.

Is Stenotic Nares Medical Procedure Vital for Your French Bulldog?

As stated before, when it comes to respiratory health, French Bulldogs and other comparable breeds have gotten the short end of the stick due to years of cosmetic breeding. Furthermore, stenotic nares are just the beginning of the issue, even if they are a major respiratory concern.

The soft palate, tongue, and tissues inside the nostrils are all the same size in French Bulldogs, despite their noses, throats, and airways being smaller. These tissues are crammed together and restrict airflow in the upper airways. It's just another explanation for why your little Frenchie occasionally gasps for air.

Breeds with brachycephalic heads are prone to certain respiratory conditions. Apart from stenotic nares, an enlarged soft palate is another possible condition in French Bulldogs. When the dog breathes, the soft palate might become trapped in the windpipe due to insufficient space for it. Sounds awkward? Consider how your pet may be feeling.

french bulldog nose surgery

When combined, either whole or in part, these illnesses causing obstruction to the upper airways come together to form what is popularly known as brachycephalic syndrome, also known as brachycephalic airway obstruction syndrome (BOAS). If left untreated, they get worse over time. Increased breathing difficulties, gasping, episodes of nausea and vomiting, weakness, and an intolerance for exercise are some of the symptoms associated with BOAS in French Bulldogs. They can also be under a lot of emotional stress.

Fortunately, stenotic nares surgery and maybe extended soft palate surgery can significantly enhance your pet's breathing. Prompt management could alleviate cardiac strain and help avoid everted laryngeal saccules.

Lastly, it could be time to see your veterinarian if your Frenchie appears to be breathing more laboriously than normal, if they appear lethargic, or if they gasp or cough. Your French Bulldog's life may be prolonged if you get the necessary nose surgery. And what more wonderful present could there be than a breath of fresh air?

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