Do French Bulldogs Have Separation Anxiety?


As the name indicates, separation anxiety is a state of intense tension that a dog has when it is away from its pack. It normally happens when you leave your dog alone for a period of time, or if a family member or another pet your dog is attached to suddenly die or is absent for a few days. As always, being abandoned or given to another family or taken to a shelter is expected to trigger separation anxiety, for obvious reasons.

French bulldog Separation Anxiety Symptoms

The best way to tell whether your Frenchie suffers from separation anxiety is to pay attention to his behavior. A dog's body language can give you a hint. If you notice that your dog displays the following signs, it's likely that he has a separation anxiety disorder. 

french bulldog separation anxiety

All dogs can have separation anxiety, but puppies who were weaned too early or adopted as older puppies are more prone to the symptoms.

Faced with the idea of being left home alone, dogs may develop separation anxiety. You may notice that your dog acts like he's having a panic attack and cannot settle down when you leave him. He may also have other symptoms like drooling, panting, trembling, barking etc.

How to Solve a French bulldog Separation Anxiety?

You can help your dog cope with your absence by leaving a cloth that you shirt during the day. Or, if necessary, try a dog calming product. Ask your vet for a recommendation.

No one wants to come home to find out that their dog tore their couch. Yes, yes, and this is happening. To prevent this, simply put the dog in a room where he feels comfortable, with lots of Toys for French Bulldogs and snacks.

french bulldog separation anxiety

There is no need to be scared or angry. It's important that you understand your dog is in a genuine state of stress and his potentially destructive behavior is just a symptom.

Give them a Comfortable and Safe Dog Bed

The French Bulldog Calming Bed is the ultimate bed for your puppy. This stylish bed exudes comfort and sophistication with a fun touch, making it perfect for your pup to snuggle up in and get cozy. 

french bulldog separation anxiety

Make your Dog Entertained with French Bulldog Toys

We also recommend getting your dog some toys. Frenchie Toys can keep the dog busy while his owners are away, so he won't feel as lonely.

Our choice is definitely the Squeaky Flamingo French Bulldog Toy These chew toy will be able to distract your dog from chewing things that he or she should not. This toy is larger than most pet toys and it is lightweight for the convenience of carrying around.

Some owners may suggest you try bringing your dog to work with you, but that should be avoided if possible. Instead, consider these tips if you have no other choice.


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