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According to the French Bulldog Club of America and breeders, there is some debate about whether or not every French Bulldog has a tail. However, most agree that they have a short stubby tail. In addition, there are two types of tails: straight and stumpy.

Do French Bulldogs Have Tails?

All French bulldogs are born with tails. Their tails tend to be short so you may think that they were docked. This short-tailed dog breed has a unique history and a special place in many hearts. Stay with us and find more details about Frenchie Tails.

What Types of Tails Do French Bulldogs Have?

French Bulldog tails come in two main shapes: straight, and screw. Both have a thick root with a fine tip. 

Most important, all tail types are very short tails.

For many years, French Bulldogs had long, drooping tails. However, through selective breeding, now tails are short.

There is a big myth that French Bulldogs were fighting dogs. And that they had long tails in that period. No, that's not true.

french bulldog with tails

Are French Bulldog Tails Docked?

French Bulldog tails are natural, not cut or docked. Another myth that is present on some portals. Again, French Bulldogs naturally have a short tail, and that is the only truth.

French Bulldogs are simply born with a short stumpy tail.

French Bulldog Standard Tail

American AKC Breed Standards say that French Bulldogs have a short rooted tail. The tail should be bushy and thick but not curly. It is prohibited to have any deformities like knotted tails.

French Bulldog Straight Tail 

The preferred French Bulldog tail by the AKC and other popular breeding overseers is the French Bulldog straight tail.

A screw Tail French Bulldog

The tail is not curly like the Pug breed. It is usually a little shorter than the real tail.

Can French Bulldogs wag their tails?

Despite their short tails; French bulldogs can actually wag them! They just need to work a little harder for it.

The super-short tails of Frenchies are less obvious when wagging. The wiggly butt is a well known trait of the French Bulldog.

What is a Tail Pocket on a French Bulldog?

Tail pockets are an interesting characteristic of French Bulldogs. The tail pocket is a fold of skin just below the tail. Most will have them, not all, that's for sure. They usually develop a pocket tail between 6 and 9 months of age.

French Bulldog Tail Problems

French Bulldogs can be prone to health problems that are thought to be connected to either their tail form or their tail pocket.

The most common issue is tail pocket infections. If you notice, contact the vet immediately, we are sure that a couple of creams will solve this infection.

french bulldog tails

French Bulldog Tail Pocket Infection 

Probably the biggest health problem with pocket tails in French Bulldogs is infection. Most often, the infection occurs due to feces that the dog finds on the road, a piece of grass, and even dirt.

Symptoms of infection are swelling and redness around the tail and its pocket. The place may be dry and may have a problem with itching.

How To Properly Take Care Of French Bulldog Tails

We are sure that you care that your dog does not get an infection. Here are some helpful tips to help your dog avoid a tail infection.

Inspect your Dog Regularly

It may sound strange, but you have to do this. Make sure visually that there is no infection, it's not difficult, right?

Clean your Dog Regularly

We are sure that your dog picks up a lot of dirt when he is outside, so it is very important to clean him well afterwards, and bathing with special shampoos for dogs is also desirable.


We have reached the very end of the blog, we hope that you have learned something new about this beautiful breed and that you don't believe the myths that this breed's tails are docked. The only truth is that they are naturally short and sweet, right?


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